holoride retrofit Pack
holoride retrofit Pack
holoride retrofit Pack
holoride retrofit Pack
holoride retrofit Pack

All you need. In one pack. In every car.

holoride retrofit Pack


Ready to enjoy immersive experiences in any car? The retrofit pack includes the new retrofit solution and the holoride pack that contains all items needed to enjoy holoride’s motion-synced, in-car VR experiences. 

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retrofit Pack

What you’ll get

8BitDo Pro 2
holoride subscription
Safety Strap
8BitDo Pro 2
holoride subscription
Safety Strap


A motion streaming device

The new holoride retrofit senses the car’s motion and position and transmits it to the VR headset offering in-car motion-synced experiences.

In every car

The holoride retrofit makes every car holoride-ready. You can connect up to two VR headsets to one retrofit. Regardless of brand or model year, you can enjoy motion-synced, in-car VR experiences.

What you need

To enjoy the full experience, you need:
A holoride retrofit
A holoride subscription
A VR headset compatible with holoride’s technology
A controller compatible with holoride’s technology

Country availability

The holoride retrofit is currently only available in Germany, Austria and the U.S.

In the box:

holoride retrofit device
Holder Adapter
Vehicle Suction Cup Mount
USB cable 1m (3.3 ft) USB-A to USB-C

Tech specs


84.5mm W x 54.5mm H


158 g

Battery Type:

rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Battery Life:

up to 14h

Input rating:


GPS Sensor

Bluetooth Connectivity via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Holder Adapter weight:


IP4X rating


Your phone in action

Cast your mobile apps on a large private screen in VR. Stay in sync with the outside world.

*Compatible phone and content required.

Keep the focus

Thanks to adjustable diopter lenses, you can personalize the focus and find the perfect viewing spot.

Pure comfort

Easy to wear and remove. The proprietary dual-hinge fit design grants great comfort and stability even for different head shapes and dimensions.

Lightness and sleek design

A feather at just 189g, total immersion won't weigh on you.

Be cool, keep cool

Thanks to an advanced cooling system, the heat is vented out of the eye chamber for total comfort: As effortless as wearing a well-crafted eyepiece.

Use it at home

The HTC VIVE Flow is not limited to in-car usage, but can also be used at home with the existing HTC VIVE content portfolio in VIVEPORT.

Tech specs

Phone compatibility

  • Android P and above.
  • Check your phone's compatibility here.


Form factor

  • Ultra lightweight, glasses-like, foldable.


Memory & Storage

  • 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM.



  • 189g (1.2M cable additional 50g).



  • 3.2k combined (2x 2.1” LCD 1600 x1600 per eye).


Field of view

  • Up to 100 degrees.


Refresh Rate

  • 75 Hz.



  • Replaceable face gasket and temple pads.



  • Active cooling for stable performance and increased user comfort.



  • Stereo speakers with spatial audio support.
  • Dual microphones with echo and noise cancellation.
  • Supports Bluetooth headphones.



  • External USB power source, we recommend a powerbank that is able to provide 1.5A / 7.5W, or a direct connection to your car’s USB port.


Hot swapping support

  • Hot swap power sources and preserve running processes on device for up to 5 minutes with the built-in uninterruptible power supply system.


Vision support

  • Adjustable diopter dials that allow easy focus adjustment for each lens.



  • Can use connected phone as controller (not for holoride).


Video pass-through

  • It supports video pass-through for environmental awareness.



  • 2x cameras for inside-out headset 6DoF tracking.
  • 3DoF only for the holoride in-car usage.



  • USB-C
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 5.0


You will need a stable internet connection (e.g. provided by your smartphone) to use holoride with HTC VIVE Flow in the car.


8BitDo Pro 2. More Pro.
With 8BitDo's most advanced controller ever you’ll be able to play like a pro. This model represents the perfect evolution of Pro+ at a fraction of the price of pro controllers by competitors.

Function follows and defines form. Pro-level rear buttons.
The model Pro 2 boasts two high-end back buttons which offer more control to avoid removing the user’s thumbs from the thumbsticks. Thanks to the 8BitDo Ultimate Software technology, one can customize each button by assigning different functions and macros.

A myriad of possibilities to play. Custom profile switching. Enhanced grip. 4-way mode switching button.
Pro 2 offers infinite possibilities. The custom profile switch button features 3 custom profiles switchable on the fly. With an enhanced grip, Pro 2 allows the user to hold the controller effortlessly. The new 4-way mode switch button allows the user to swiftly switch between Switch, Android, D-input and X-input for easy pairing with any device.

8BitDo Ultimate Software on Android and iOS
The Ultimate Software grants advanced control over every part and feature of your controller. It is possible to customize button mapping, adjust stick & trigger sensitivity, and vibration control. One can also create macros with any button combination. Create controller profiles and switch between them at any time thanks to the custom profile switch.

A modern controller harking back to the classics
The Pro 2 bluetooth controller isn't your average obsolete Bluetooth® game controller. During the design process, the manufacturer paid extra attention to the most critical characteristics like the D-PAD, to make sure it made the player feel already acquainted with the device and used to its features.

The power to play any game ubiquitously
Whether on Switch, Windows, macOS, or Android, 8BitDo controllers are designed to be as versatile as possible with any contemporary device. Thanks to its 4-way mode switch, the user can instantly pair the controller via Bluetooth®. And, with the included USB cable, one can even use Pro 2 as a wired USB controller.

Tech specs

  • Switch, Windows(Steam), macOS, Android, Raspberry Pi

Controller mode
  • Switch mode, X-input, Mac mode, D-input

Dimension / Weight
  • 153.6*100.6*64.5mm
  • 228g

    • Connectivity
    • Wireless Bluetooth® 4.0
    • USB-C

    Battery type / Battery life
    • 1000mAh Li-on battery, rechargeable
    • 20 play hours with a 4-hour charging time

    Special features
    • 2 Pro back paddle buttons
    • Custom profile switch button, 3 profiles, switch on the fly
    • Mode switch button (Switch, macOS, D-input, X-input)
    • Ultimate Software on mobile (android/iOS)
    • Enhanced grip
    • Modifiable vibration
    • 6 axis motion sensor


Get 3-month free access to the holoride subscription and enjoy all our experiences in your car.


The Safety Strap connects your VR headset to your seat belt during a holoride. Fasten the strap to the seat belt by locking the two loose ends around it and connect the loop to your headset before you start your holoride experience.

Tech specs


Weight: 8g
Length: 53.3cm
Width: 15mm
Height: 0.6mm

Length: 45mm
Width: 22mm
Height: 8mm

Ready to experience holoride?
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