holoride retrofit
holoride retrofit
holoride retrofit
holoride retrofit
holoride retrofit
holoride retrofit

Experience holoride in any car.

holoride retrofit


Through a combination of real-time vehicle data and a VR environment, you can now enjoy motion-synced VR experiences in any car with the new holoride retrofit.

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A motion streaming device

The new holoride retrofit senses the car’s motion and position and transmits it to the VR headset offering in-car motion-synced experiences.

In every car

The retrofit solution makes every car holoride-ready, regardless of brand or model year, you can enjoy every holoride motion-synced, in-car VR experience.

What you need

To enjoy the full experience, you need:
A holoride retrofit
A holoride subscription
A VR headset compatible with holoride’s technology
A controller compatible with holoride’s technology

Country availability

The holoride retrofit is currently only available in Germany, Austria and the U.S.

Tech specs:


84.5mm W x 54.5mm H


158 g

Battery Type:

rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Battery Life:

up to 14h

Input rating:


GPS Sensor

Bluetooth Connectivity via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Holder Adapter weight:


IP4X rating


Experience holoride

in any car.

You can now enjoy motion-synced, in-car VR experiences regardless of your car brand or model. Play, watch, learn and relax fully immersive content, exclusively with holoride.

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It's all fun and games. And more!

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All you need for your in-car VR experience
Check out the holoride retrofit pack
holoride retrofit
8BitDo Pro 2
Safety strap
3 months holoride subscription